Vision & Values

Company Vision & Values

Our Vision

To build a respected mining company that creates long-term shareholder value through the identification, development and production of regional, geologically superior, natural resources.

Our Values

At Wiluna Mining, we value:

  • Courage | Lead, take measured risks, innovate to find new and better ways of operating. Fortune favours the brave.
  • Tenacity | Unshakeable strength, hard work and resolve.
  • Perseverance | Dogged determination to deliver on our promises.
  • Innovation | Think outside the circle, embrace new ideas, foster creative thinking and imagination and be prepared to give it a go even if it’s not conventional.
  • Teamwork | A champion team always beats a team of champions. While we respect individuality and brilliance, we embrace teamwork and advocate working together to achieve our goal of excellence.
  • Transparency | We are open, honest and transparent – two-way communication with our shareholders and stakeholders is of highest importance.
  • Compassion | We genuinely care for our team – that is our workforce, our stakeholders and our shareholders.

Our people are smart, well trained, exceptionally hardworking, and disciplined. We apply that intelligence, training, and discipline to the work we do, and in carrying out our mission of building profitable mines.

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